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Dr.Kelelew Addisu (PhD)

Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service Vice President

Contact Information

  • Cell Phone: +251930318063

  • Office phone: +251474524501

  • P.O.Box: 334

  • Email: addisewkelelew84@gmail.com

  • Office: Administration Building 3rd  Floor, Office No.AD 206

Essential Duties

  • Provide advice to the President on programs and teaching, college selection, assignments, development, and retention;

  • The primary link between academic staff and the Vice-President, Administrative Services, for all budgetary matters related to instructional programs;

  • Accountable for achievement of College goals and objectives within the scope of Academic Affairs as set forth in the College’s Strategic Plan, and for assessing and meeting the educational and vocational needs of citizens;

  • Provides strong, dynamic academic and administrative leadership fosters a collegial environment that encourages scholarship, teaching, and learning excellence; 

  • Possesses the vision to guide the college’s academic programs into the future;

  • Advocates and promotes quality instruction, student success, integrated planning, and the expansion of student learning outcomes to meet the educational needs of students in a diverse community college environment;

  • Works with the instructional staff in the development of the educational program, including the maintenance of standards and the evaluation of teachers; 

  • Provides oversight of assessment of student learning outcomes and college-wide accreditation; 

  • Provides innovative and successful academic leadership and vision in instruction and program development in basic skills, transfer, vocational developmental, and non-traditional programs;

  • Provides guidance to, and receives recommendations from the faculty senate and other representative organizations regarding the planning, implementation, and review of academic programs, services, activities, and related matters;

  • Participates in the planning of new facilities for the purposes of instruction and student services; 

  • Supervises the development of community education, contract education, learning resource centre/library services, athletics and distance learning;

Structure of the Academic Vice President Office