Research Directorate 

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PO. Box:  334


I.   Duties and Responsibilities

·         Plan, organize, lead, manage and control the activities of all research programs;

·         Develop, recommend and implement guidelines and administrative procedures for research programs; 

·         Follow up the proper implementation of policies, rules and regulations for research programs;

·         Make recommendations for fostering the development of research programs;

·         Facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research programs in consultation with the units   concerned;

·         Coordinate internal and external assistance for research programs and allocate resources in   consultation with the bodies concerned;

·         Develop work program (strategic plan) for efficient management of existing and expanding research programs, and opening new ones

·         Develop plans, set priorities for establishment of core laboratories and research facilities and   oversee the implementation of plans;

·         Follow up the formulation of the research coordination structure of the University;

·         Evaluate existing research capacity and identify gaps and priority areas for capacity building;

·         Follow up implementation of plans for research capacity building including establishment of core   laboratories and other research facilities

·         Identify thematic research areas

·         Coordinate and facilitate collaborative research programs with donors and funding agencies;

·         Coordinate, register, monitor and follow up research and related activities;

·         Check regular progress reports on the research programs;

·         Prepare periodic reports on research activities in all colleges

·         Coordinate and facilitate establishment of research centres and site

II.      Research Themes

ü   Agriculture and Natural resource Management Themes

ü   Natural and computational Themes

ü   Social Science and Humanities Themes

ü   Business and Economics Themes

ü   Engineering and Technology Themes


  III.  Ongoing Activities

  • Project on Adaptation, multiplication and improvement of Selected Fruit Varieties and their Production and Productivity in Kafa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

  • Project Proposal on improved Dairy production

  • Project Proposal for Integrated Beef Cattle Fattening

  • Project on Ethnological Stu,Conservation and Phytochemical 

    Characterization of Medicinal Plants Among Gonga People’s

  • Project on Maintenance and Plantation of Indigenous Trees at Kafa Zone

  • Project on Conservation of Coffee Genetic Diversity for Sustainable Production in Kafa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

IV.Research Sites

ü   Saylem Livestock and High Land Crops and Root and Tuber Research Site

ü   Gesha Livestock and High Land Fruits and Root and Tuber Research Site

ü   Gewata Coffee, Lowland Spice, Cereals, Root and Tuber crops and Fruit Research Site

ü   Adiyo High Land Cereal Crops and Pulse Crop Research Site

ü   Shishoinde Midland Cereal and pulse Crop Research Site

ü   Gimbo Lowland, Midland cereals and Forage Crops Research Site

ü   Chena Midland Cereal and Root and Tuber Crops Research Site

ü   Cheta Cereal Crops, Fruit and Root and Tuber Crops

ü   Goba Lowland, Midland Cereals, Oil, Root and Tuber and Forage Crops Research Site

ü   Bita Coffee, Spice and Root and Tuber Crop Research Site