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Mr. Atinafu Asfaw 

Chief  Registrar

Email:atinafu.asfaw2008@gmail.com,      atinafuasfaw@bongau.edu.et

Mobile No.+251923551098

Office Phone: +251474524540

About Registrar office   

Welcome to Bonga University Registrar Office!  

The Bonga University office of Registrar, primarily serve Colleges, Departments, and students by providing services of scheduling, registration, record keeping, and reporting, the office supervises student registration, maintains student academic records and record grades, issue academic transcripts and diplomas,  authenticate enrolment and graduation and administers the issuing, renewing and replacing of the students’ identification cards. In general, our registrar has the following roles;    

  • Recruitment and registration of students according to the prepared plan of the university;  

  • Keeping academic records of students appropriately and systematically;  

  • Receiving admission applications to the university and submitting these to the concerned colleges;  

  • Provision of student transcripts and credentials;  

  • Issuing, renewing and replacing, identification cards; and  

  • Preparing list of students recommended for graduation and submits to the Senate for approval  


Online Grading Sys tem  

Our registrar uses a student registration system (SRS) which helps instructors to submit exam results online. The SRS system has the following futures in generally  

  • The system allows instructors to send stud ent result approval requests to  the department when he/she finishes all exams, finally, the department sends a response for the request based on the requirement.  

  • The system automatically calculates student grades when the result is approved by the department.  

  • Allow students to inter-program transfer between universities or intra program transfer based on the curriculum requirement.  

The system allows students to be promoted from one semester to the next semester in a very controlled manner (like automatic detection when a grade for a section is submitted).   


  1. College of Engineering and Technology (Undergraduate Programmes)  

                Civil Engineering      

                Mechanical Engineering      

                Electrical and Computer Engineering  

                Computer Science

  1. College of Natural and Computation Science (Undergraduate programs)  

  1. College of Agriculture Natural resources(Undergraduate programs)  

  • Sociology  

  • Psychology  

  • Geography & Environmental  Studies  

  • Law  

  • Civic and Ethical education  

  1. College of Health Science  

  • Midwifery   

  • Pharmacy   

  • Nursing   

  • Health officer   

  1. Post Graduate Programmes  

  • Animal  Production  

  • Animal Breeding And Genetics   

  • Bio -Diversity Conservation And Management   

  • Forest  and Nature Conservation  

  • Watershed  Management    

  • Agronomy  

  • Accounting  And  Finance   

  • Masters  of Business Management   

  • Tourism  and Hospitality Management   

  • Condensed  Matter Physics   

  • History  and Heritage Management