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      Ms. Husnia Abdulkerim
      Dean, College of Natural and Computational Science
      Contact Information

      Phone: +251474524560  


      College of natural and computational science has been established in 2010 E.C/2018 G.C by admitting 1281students in four departments. Currently, reach seven departments, moreover; based on timely need assessment, the college has been prompt in addressing the rising needs of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different areas including Fisheries and Aquatic Science, Biotechnology, and Industrial Chemistry. Serving the community via giving a tutorial class for 12th-grade students and participating in research and community projects are among the activities covered by college participation.

      College's Vision  

      To be the college of choice and center  of excellence 


      College of Natural and Computational Science produces highly qualified professionals in the field of science by offering standard and research-based higher education/training. Undergoing thematically and problem-solving research’s in science and related issues for the benefit of the society/country and also aimed in providing need-based community service to the surrounding community

      The program operated : Regular, Weekend, and Summer in the departments mentioned above.

      Odoo • Image and Text

      Mr.Salasib Atumo
      Vice Dean, College of Natural and Computational Science 

      Contact Information

       Cell Phone: +251917937196
       Office Phone: +251474524560


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