About Bonga University

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Bonga University is one of the Public Higher Education institutions in Ethiopia. It is established with its own legal personality by the proclamation No. 349/2015 of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is found in the South-Western part of Ethiopia, in the Southwest Ethiopia Peoples Region. The university is being established over nearly 174 hectares of area with an extremely impressive natural landscape.   Its main campus is located in Bonga town, the capital of the Kaffa zone. The town is located at about 460 km distance from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. It is privileged to be situated along the major highway connecting the south western region with national capital and the central part of the country, which makes it occupy spatially more accessible position. Bonga University is committed to realizing its vision through concerted efforts of playing its share in contributing for local, national and global development through the effective implementation of its academic, research and community engagement programs. The core issues of focus that have direct relevance to the university’s mission accomplishment include:

• Producing knowledgeable, skilled, and internationally competent graduates with demand-based proportional balance of fields/disciplines;• promote demand-driven research focusing on technology transfer consistent with the country's priority needs;• ensuring the development and dissemination of research outputs of wider impact via publications on journals, proceedings, and newsletters, as well as research symposia, workshops, seminars and public lectures,• design and provide community and consultancy services that will cater to the local, and national developmental needs;

Mission, Vision, and Values

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The vision of Bonga University

Bonga University aspires to be the first among the leading higher education institutions of Africa in Natural Resource management and utilization by 2030.

The mission of Bonga University

Fostering Community and National development through the provision of quality education enables to the production of internationally competent professionals and active engagement in demand-driven research and community services.

Meet the Executive Team


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Dr. Petros Woldegiorgis(PhD)

University President

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Dr. Kelelewu Addisu(PhD)

Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service Vice President


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Dr. Woynishet Haile

Adm/Stu/Serv/ Vice President