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Mr. Tamrat Wato
Gonga Peoples Study  Director     

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                Office : Administration Building 4st floor                

                 Office No.AD 411

Objectives of   the Institute

The main objective of the institute is to establish Gonga as the world's leading research university in the area of languages, cultures, histories, and heritages. This will be achieved through preserving the linguistic, cultural, and historical aspects of the Gonga people, and through globally-informed scholarship, research excellence, and a mobilizing commitment to social justice of the aforementioned people.

·    Making an intensive study on Gonga people and publishing the findings

·    Collecting, organizing, and preserving sustainably the spiritual and material heritage of Gonga People and availing to national and international research

·    Undertaking  research and preserving the indigenous knowledge of Gonga People

·  Collecting and organizing the published and unpublished materials, research works done on Gonga People and creating a way that researchers shall use them

Preparing research symposiums, conferences, and seminars to disclose research done in the institute, publish it and disseminate the result