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Mr.Getenet G/michael
Dean College of Business and Economics   

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  • Cell Phone: +251923344091

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  • P.O.Box: 334

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Dean’s   Message   

Welcome to the  College of Business and   Economics!   

Bonga University’s motto which states “Together we can” creates very impressive morale in each of our staff and surrounding communities for successful achievement of our Mission and Vision.   We are entrusted to base every one of our activities in line with the mission and vision of our   University. Accordingly, we are very much committed to the achievements of Bonga University's mission and to sustaining the development and competitiveness of our college.   Currently, the College of  Business and  Economics is offering several undergraduate and graduate programs are structured in five departments,   both regular and continuing education programs.   Students from diverse backgrounds are pursuing their education under this college with  highly recognized diverse setting system. Our instructors are highly dedicated to their work and empathetic to their students and surrounding communities.   Openness and transparency are emphasized and positive and constructive discourse with the leadership of   BU helps in moving the operation of the  College forward. In addition to learning teaching activities, many staff of our college is engaged in   Research and Community services activities. We are very much committed to the achievements of   Bonga University's mission and to sustaining the development and competitiveness of our college. I   am delighted to be part of this university and able to provide my legacy especially in the college of   Business and Economics.   

Together   We   Can!!   

About   College   of   Business   and   Economics   

Bonga University is among the newly established higher educational institutions to produce qualified manpower in the country and to ensure access to higher education. The university was established mainly to produce competent and competitive professionals who will be engaged in the development of the country’s economy. College of Business and Economics (COBE) is one of the colleges organized by Bonga University in 2010 E.C and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to regular and extension students.   So far,   it is organized with five departments namely;   Accounting and   Finance, Economics, Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, and Public Administration and   Development   Management.  Currently,  this college has more than 50 instructors in different departments and enrolls nearly 450  students under regular programs. In addition, to the regular program  College of   Business and Economics is training students in a   Continuing Education Program (weekend and summer programs) under three departments namely;   Economics, Accounting, and Management.   Further, different problem-solving researches and community service are ongoing in our college.