The construction of a housing and medical center for the elderly was held at Bonga University.

The President of Bonga University, Dr. Petros W.Giorgis, who attended the program, gave a welcome speech to the stakeholders present to start the construction of the housing and medical center. In addition, he expressed their gratitude to instructors and administrative staff of the university who are contributing one month's salary to redevelopment of bonga city as well as giving 1-6 % of salary to support more than 80 elderly peoples.

Joan Douglas and Neville Myles, the owners of Houston International College in the United States of America, and Dr. Carol Williams are also supporting the elderly and research projects being carried out at our institution.

In addition, the local youth, investors and contractors involved in the construction of the university expressed their partnership saying that we are ready to help the project with knowledge and capabilities.

Finally, Mr.Endashaw Kebede, the chief administrator of Kafa Zone and administrative board member of Bonga University, who was present at the program, thanked the university for its multidimensional activities for the local community and said that we are ready to support the activities of bringing the elderly together in one center to feed and treat them, both individually and as an institution.