November 18/2015

The management board of Bonga University discussed the implementation of the project.

The president of the University, Dr. Petros W/Giorgis, started the forum and delivered a welcome message. The project implementation report for technology transfer and demonstration in the university campus and in different districts of Kaffa Zone was presented and discussed by the Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service V/President Dr. Kelelew Addisu.

Dr. Lulit Tilahun and Dr. Tigst Wondimu, who are researchers of Addis Ababa University's Biotechnology Institute and Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management, shared their research experience and research work with the participants and promised to continue working with the university.

  In addition, the Chairman of the University Management Board, Professor Afework Kasu, presented recognition and certificates to the leaders who played an outstanding leadership role in order to achieve high results in the institution.

Prof. Afework Kasu, Chairman of the Management Board of Bonga University, who was present at the forum and gave a closing speech, congratulated Prime Minister Abiy for reminding him that the university is an example for other institutions.

He said that we have to work together to carry out our responsibility to move from the current height to the top.

  Together we can!

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