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       Berhanie Addis

Department Head of Statistics 

       Contact Information:      
        E- mail:-berhanieaddis36@gmail.com  
        Phone: +251920301630


Background of the Department 

Statistics is the science and, arguably, also the art of learning from data. As a discipline it is concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, as well as the effective communication and presentation of results replying on data. Statistics lies at the heart of the type of quantitative reasoning necessary for making important advances in the sciences, such as medicine, Agriculture, Social Science, Social  welfare  and genetics, and for making important decisions in business and public policy.  In century the data (Information) has a great value to change the world; hence to handle relevant information, Statistics is the best one. There is a high demand in the country level  for graduates with a good background in Statistics.


To be a leader in academic and research unit in  the area of  Statistics. In addition to be produce potential candidates for graduate studies so as to meet the demand for high level statisticians who can teach and conduct research. 


  •             To provide quality education on how the data is collected and how to make a decision based on the data for students.

  •           To conduct a problem server researches in national and international level

  •         To provide a professional service to the community in the area of statistics

  •            Contributing the value to achieve the goal of Bonga University