Message from the President

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Dear colleagues and friends:

I am very much proud and happy to be president of Bonga University, an institution highly determined to achieve excellence in teaching and research. Bonga University, at the initial year of commencing its academic programs, will admit 1500 students in 14 regular undergraduate programs under four colleges. We are strategically working to significantly increase the number of academic programs (both undergraduate and graduate) and student enrollment capacity over the next three years.

Coffee plant is originally founded in Kaffa province of Ethiopia where Bonga University is located from which it got its name  coffee around 1000 A.D. In this region, about 761,000 hectares of natural forest is identified by biosphere  which is kept by indigenous conservation knowledge of the  local       community that is recognized and registered by UNESCO in 2011. The area is also known throughout the country for its quality Sheep breed known as Bonga Sheep, and also known for its Honey, Spice, and Tea plantation …etc.  

In general, Bonga University is privileged to be situated in the vicinity with huge potential of natural and socio-cultural attributes that can be further promoted through the research endeavors of the university and interventions of scientific community.

As a comprehensive higher education institution, Bonga University must integrate its academic programs at every level with its research, and community engagement programs in ways that students can be equipped with creativity and practical capability. Our world is currently experiencing rapid changes in all aspects of human life-social, economic and political. Universities need to be responsive these versatile global development processes. Likewise, Bonga University now needs to identify how best to respond to societal needs at local, national and global levels.

With regards to our research programs, we generally encourage research across wide-ranging disciplines, however, to excel in areas of natural resource management as the university is hosted in vicinity where huge potential of biodiversity resources, particularly of fauna, is most prevalent. Our challenge, at this initial stage, is how to ensure that our institution becomes a well recognized and competitive one nationally and internationally, and known for its impact on societal development. To cope with these challenges we are determined to build institutional capacity that will provide the best possible environment for teaching-learning, research and community engagement, thereby to guarantee success on the same. It is equally important to keep intact with the wider stakeholders within national and international spheres. Most importantly, we emphasize on establishing collaborative partnerships with business sectors, governmental and nongovernmental organization, and other academic and research institutions, as this will help to ensure continued excellence in teaching-learning and research programs.

Let’s show continued devotion to build an exciting future for this young and dynamic university together, as your continued loyalty, support, and enthusiasm will be the foundation of our success. I believe you will be impressed by what this university is striving to do and confident that it will emerge with its significant impact on national and global development and I want to conclude my message by declaring the motto of Bonga University  “Together, We can!!”.

We are welcoming you to Bonga University.

Yours sincerely,

Dr.Petros Woldegiorgis Woldesenbet(PhD)

President; Bonga University