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Dr.Tekllab Bullo(PhD)

Post Graduate  Directorate  

Contact Information:

Cell phone: 0945618072

Seminar building 4th office no: 12

Email:  tekcoffee@gmail.com

Bonga University prepared to launch a Master’s degree in 2021/22 academic year in the fields of, Agriculture and Natural Resource, Business and Economics, Social Science and Humanities, Natural and Computational Science, and Engineering and Technology College. The University has gone through a lot of transformation and opened many undergraduate programs in various fields of studies since established. In the view of transformation, the Directorate for Postgraduate Program in collaboration with each department and the colleges plans to launch new programs in Masters that will contribute much towards the high-level trained human resource and problem-solving research output. The universities work actively and deliver quality teaching and research activities. The university-owned several farms and research centres such as a beef farm, bee farm, dairy farm, coffee farm, spices farm, a banana farm that will be used as a good asset for teaching and research.

The provisions of the University Legislation shall also govern matters pertaining to admission to graduate studies including special admission, advance standing, and transfer of students. Admission to graduate programs shall be based on academic results and merits required by the academic units for the program. However, in line with the national priority and the University centre of excellence priority will be given to natural resource and agriculture graduate programs.

For graduate programs, an applicant should,

  • Fulfil admission requirements of the curriculum of the specific program

  • Pass an entrance exam as determined by the curriculum of the specific program

  • Produce an official transcript from the university/college from where they obtained the degree

  • Produce the original and copy of the degree

  • Properly complete the admission application form

  • Present proof of payment of the required fee

Mission, vision, values, and motto the Directorate 

Mission: Bonga University aspires to be among the leading higher education institution of Africa in natural resource management and utilization by 2030 through quality graduate education, advance intellectual communication and scholarship across disciplines, and promote cultural diversity, scholarly integrity, and inclusivity.

Vision:  to be among the leading graduate education in African by 2030, fostering national development through the provision of quality graduate education that enables curious, creative, and courageous thinkers who work both independently and collaboratively, pursue answers to significant questions, challenge, and dissemination of new knowledge.

Core Values:

  • Dependability

  • Integrity

  • Creativity

  • Creation of academic freedom and a democratic environment

  • Execution of expected duties and responsibilities

  • Good governance and impartiality

  • Working with and for the Community

  • Maintaining morals and ethics of citizens

  • Working with team spirit

  • Harmonization with nature and keeping it safe for life.

Motto, “Together we can”