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Mr.Amsalu Tesema  

Head of  Computer Science Department 

Seminar2 Building,  3 rd      Floor  

Office Number:  07  


Tel:   + 251921860079

About   Department   of   Computer   Sciences  

Computers have become essential in almost all aspects of human life. The fast advancement of computer   technology has changed the lifestyle of human beings. Furthermore, with the free fall of the price of computer   hardware, nations, organizations, and individuals that couldn’t afford to have computers some years back are now   acquiring   computers.   However,   the   acquisition   of   the   hardware   is   just   one   step   towards   computerizing   the   activities.   The   most important step   is probably   to   be able   to use   them   properly. This   necessitates a   high number   of skilled   computer scientists who can develop the necessary applications for the computers, who can manage the acquired   hardware, who can administer the computer systems, and who can decide efficiently the type and quantity of the   hardware   required   for   the   organizations   and   all   computerization   processes   in   general.   Currently,   there   are   a   number   of   public   and   private   institutions   running   programs   in   Computer   Science.   It   is   expected   that   much   more   public   and private   institutions will continue   to launch Computer Science   programs in the   future.  



T o be a leading academic unit in the provision   of quality education in Computer Science, and to be a focal point for the   advancement of Computer Science research, innovation, and dissemination of   valuable   knowledge in   line   with   the development   endeavors of   the   country.  


  • To   provide   quality   education   within   the   rapidly   evolving   areas   of   Computer   Science    

  • To   conduct   research in   Computer   Science   and   its application areas  

  • To   provide   professional   services   to   the   community   in the   field   of   Computer   Science  


  • Team-work   and   cooperative   spirit   between   and   within   instructors   and   students  

  • Attaining  the  highest   recognition   in   teaching   and research   in   Computer   Science  

  • Academic   honesty   and   respect   for   others   as   well as   democratic   and   participatory        methods   of   decision-making  

  • Maintaining   the   highest   ethical and   professional   standards,   and   providing   quality     education   in   an equitable and accessible manner