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         Ms. Sosina Kassa
        Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural                             Resources 
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E-mail:  sosiexo18@gmail.com

          Office phone: 0474524535

          Mobile phone:  +251913662251

Block: Office Number: AC-109

Dean's   Message  

I   welcome you   to   the   College   of   Agricultural   and   Natural   Resource   (CANR)   at   Bonga   University.   The world faces many challenges and it is the mission of our college to find solutions for feeding   our world, protecting human and environmental health, stewarding and proper utilization of our   agricultural   resources,   and   enriching   the   lives   of   communities.   CANR   offers   a   diverse   range   of   academic degree programs and students benefit from our faculty members’ expertise in teaching,   research,   and   extension.  

I believe that the modern agricultural development and proper utilization with conservation of   natural   resources   will   take   the   country   to  the  success   of   the   millennium   development   goal-Agricultural   Development Lead Industrialization (ADLI) and our students and staffs are the future candidates,   who   led the   speed to this   technological   revolution   forward.  

The   program   aims   at   producing   competent   professionals   who   are   well   equipped   with   both   theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in managing all aspects in the field that we deliver   in   the   Ethiopian   context   and  thereby   to   conduct   various  agriculture-related   research   and   development activities, which can contribute to the country’s development program. Agricultural   and environmental training and research have been also stayed to be concerns of the university to   be able to provide training and carry out research that would alleviate societal problems in the   region   and the   country   at   large.  

The college is fully committed to the provision of the three pillars of mandates given to teaching   institutes, which include teaching-learning, research, and community services. We have a clear   vision   for the   future   and   are   prepared to meet the needs of our changing   world.  

Together   we   can!!  

About   the   College   of Agriculture   and   Natural   Resources  

Bonga   University   College   of   Agriculture   and   Natural   Resource   was   established  in  2017,   to   contribute   to the successes and implementation of the growth and transformation plan set by the country.   Currently the college trains at undergraduate  and postgraduate  levels in the areas of   agriculture and natural resource. It has over 500 students i n regular programs, over 10 0 academic   and   5   administrative staff. Bonga University College of Agriculture   and   Natural   Resource   comprises six d epartments in the fields of agriculture and natural resource namely; Plant   Sciences,   Animal   Sciences,   Natural   Resource   Management, Soil   Resource   and   watershed   management,   Agricultural   Economics,   General   Forestry,   Horticulture   and   Agribusiness,   and   Value   Chain   Management.


The college has a venerable vision to have proven competence in a different program of the college by giving training, research, extension and producing highly competent and skilled professionals in different disciplines and conducting multidisciplinary research which is innovative, result-oriented, and demand-driven.


Its mission is to offer training of high caliber, practically oriented, competent and responsive professionals in different fields of the agricultural sciences and natural resources with integrated, applied, and problem-solving research and services/extension.

The College of agriculture and natural resource offers undergraduate degrees in several fields of study as listed below: 

Odoo • Image and Text

                Mr.Tilahun Negash

Vice Dean of College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Contact Information:

Office phone: 0474524552

                          Mobile phone: +251928394380