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Dr. Anteneh Wondimu

Strategic Partnership and Foreign Relation V/President

Cell phone: +25196483449
Office phone:
Email:  anteneha7@gmail.com
Po.Box: 334
Office: Seminar Building 2nd floor, Office No.AD 02

The message of Vice President

Bonga University is one of the newly established higher public Learning Institutions in Ethiopia. It is located in Bonga, Southern West Ethiopia; 460 km from Addis Ababa via Jimma. BU is a broad-based institution with multi-disciplinary academic programs, working to excel in the areas of sustainable natural resource management and utilization as the area of its location is well known for its endowment with rich biodiversity and agro-ecological resources.

The coffee plant is originally founded and cultivated in the Kaffa province of Ethiopia, where Bonga University is located.  In addition to being the origin of organic Coffee Arabica, Kaffa is known for its different natural resources, i.e. different wild animals and dense natural forest.  About 761,000 hectares of natural forest are identified by biosphere which is kept by indigenous conservation knowledge of the local community that is recognized and registered by UNESCO in 2011. The Kaffa biosphere reserve (BR) makes an important contribution to the livelihoods of communities by providing wild plants, coffee, honey, spices, and animals for various purposes. Currently, Kaffa BRs buffered areas are confronted with population growth, resettlement programs, clear-cutting for smallholder agriculture, and expansion of industrial coffee and tea plantations. These challenges demand current and updated scientific methods to support collaborative work between researchers, community, NGO, and government to create inclusive BRs protection and utilization system. The BU goal for Kaffa and Sheka BR is scaling up institutional strength in research, teaching, and community outreaches, as an inevitable cornerstone in managing cross-cutting challenges of BR in the area.

Therefore, this emerging University (BU), through its missions (Teaching and learning, Research and Community Service) and vision (to be among the world top university in natural resource management and utilization in 2030) need to scale up the indigenous knowledge and keep the natural resources in a scientific way so as to maximize the importance of the resources to the extent of global use.

Dear all I am pleased to welcome you Bonga University. There is no doubt, we need strong cooperation to move forward and hope that we can mutually benefit greatly from the shared expertise and knowledge. We are interested to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of regions with nature protected areas or BR through inputs in higher education, research, management and dialogue formats between local and international organizations, Universities, representatives of the BR as well as relevant stakeholder groups of the region. Not limited, but fascinated to work on how to motivate the local population for the natural values of a BR and to unfold the economic potential for a peaceful development; training, including the research farms of BU, and a guest professorship, MSc, PhDs and teaching activities. In this regard, the BU has to be supported in different aspects in order to optimize the implementation of the study.

I thank you for your interest to work with us and BU is glad for any institutional collaborations.

Together we can!

Dr. Anteneh Wondimu

Major Duties and Responsibilities

In this role, the works with the Executive Leadership Team to formulate, refine, and deploy strategies for successful and timely implementation of the University strategic priorities and policies. Vice president supports the President in the development of internal and external strategic visions; working groups for virtual diplomacy, searching for scholarship to University Academic and Supporting Staffs as well as for students.

  • Creating and building partnerships with different National institutions

  • Inviting National and international organizations and creating awareness about Bonga University and the community

  • Searching and administering issues related to scholarship

  • Building strong partnerships with international academic and research institutions

  • Building strong public relations and media platform in the university

  • Finding international sisterly funding organizations for different projects in the university 

The office of the V/President for Strategic Partnership and Foreign Relations has four major sub-sections which have been structured at a directorate level and each with its own specific duties and responsibilities. These include:

Strategic Partnership and Foreign Relation V/President Head Office

Website Administration and Material Promotion Directorate

Digital Diplomacy Directorate

              Scholarship Directorate
              Communication Affairs Directorate