Dr.Efrem G/hiwot
Director for Community Services  

Cell Phone : +251917793300

Office phone

P.O.Box :334

Email : ephremghg@gmail.com

Full Address of the Office : Admin Building 4st floor Office   No.AD 408

General Information

The Community service activities comprise of the following core areas                   

  • Training Service

  • Consultancy service

  • Outreach program


  • To implement community service priority areas in line with the country’s development policies and strategies.

  • Setting guidelines to prioritize formulate and implement community development projects targeted at bringing solutions for major constraints of development in the country.

  • Building the capacity of colleges/schools to conduct community service projects; and to engage in development activities and consultancy  services.

  • Facilitating and Encouraging instructors and students to engage in community

  • Ensuring the transfer and dissemination of research outputs to end users

Duties and Responsibilities of community service Director

Ø  Identify community service thematic areas based on local and national priorities and update these overtimes in consultation with RCS VP,

Ø  Develop working documents, and guidelines/standards/forms appropriate for implementation of community service

Ø  Coordinates all community services organized at the university level.

Ø  Promotes university’s (strategic goal, mission, vision) plan, implementation and achievements in community service

Ø  Support and follow up the community service providers under College and Schools and Community service provision centers like free legal aid centers, etc. of the university.

Ø  Ensures that the implementation of community service activities in line with the university’s core missions and objectives

Ø  Ensures that the communities are primary beneficiaries of the planned and executed community services.

Ø  Organize workshops, forums, symposia, exhibitions & consultative meetings, related to issues of community services.

Ø  Assessing the community service needs, and check the quality of the service.

Ø  Coordinate and create conducive environment for community service provision

Ø  Build institutional capacity for productive and sustainable community service delivery

Ø   Facilitate necessary material, financial and institutional conditions for planning and implementation of community service

Ø   Maintain frequent and ongoing contact with academic staff and students to enhance their participation on community services

Ø  Facilitate short term trainings for the staff under his/her supervision, and provide feedback

Ø   Represent the university, document, report and communicate on matters related to community service to concerned internal and external bodies

Ø    Collect feedback from its customers, communities and other stakeholders to review and update community service activities

Ø   Monitor and evaluate processes and outcomes of community services.

                     Perform other duties as assigned by RCS VP.